Frequently asked questions!


If you are thinking about having a semi-permanent treatment and you have some reservations, then hopefully you will feel more confident about it after you have read the below FAQ's.

Re-opening post COVID-19 lockdown procedures -

Please do not attend (but let me know) if you have recently experienced any COVID symptoms, feeling unwell or come into contact with anyone who has tested positive or showing symptoms;

Please be aware that you must arrive at the clinic on time (not before) and on your own as we no longer have any waiting facilities for companions;

Please bring a mask if you have one, as you may be expected to have to wear it;

Your personal possessions will be put into a disposable bag which you will keep with you;

Your temperature will be taken with a non-contact thermometer and recorded on a covid risk assessment form;

You will be asked to sanitise your hands and wear gloves if you are wearing rings (please do NOT wear any other jewellery);

Card payments only please!!

On another note, because of the increased cost of PPE and extra precautionary purchases, I’m afraid I will no longer be able to offer any discounted prices on treatments for the foreseeable future, but I also won’t increase my prices for as long as I can sustainably do so.


Thank you for your understanding, I look forward to seeing you. Sharon X

What is Semi-Permanent Make-Up?

Semi-permanent make-up uses hypo-allergenic micro-pigments that are carefully inserted into the  upper layers of the skin.


What treatments do you offer?

Our most popular treatments are beautiful semi-permanent tattoo eyebrows natural looking hairstrokes or powder blushed high definition, eyeliner/lashliner and lip enhancements.


How Long does it last?

Semi-permanent make-up proceedures will last differently for different people, depending on skin tone and skin type. Usually semi-permanent eyebrows will last between 18 months and three years. Colour boosts can be done every 12 months or so depending on how the colour has taken.


Who Benefits from Semi-Permanent Make-up?

The truth is that anyone can benefit from semi-permanent make-up. We treat people who want to enhance their looks, alopecia sufferers through to cancer patients. We treat all ages from 18+. If you are under 18 you need parental consent.


Does it hurt?

Semi-permanent make up that is applied by a professional technician should not cause pain. You will feel sensations and a professional will always work with you. Anaesthetics are applied on the skin 20 minutes before treatments and can also be topped up as needed. Some people prefer to take simple pain killers before their appointment.


Could I have a reaction to it?

Yes you could have a reaction to either the pigment or the anaesthetic gel, which is why a free skin test at least 24 hrs pre-treatment is highly recommended.  You have the option to waiver, but you do so at your own risk.


What colours can I have?

Semi-permanent make-up does not use the permanent blue-black ink that is used in traditional tattooing. Micropigments used in semi-permanent make-up come in a whole range of colours. The colour for your treatment will be discussed at your free consultation.


What would you say are the top three benefits of Semi-Permanent Make-up ?

   1. It doesn't wash off!

   2. Look great from morning to night!

   3. Save time applying and removing make-up.