Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic Lip Tattooing...


Here are some examples -

        Lip liner                                   Lip liner + blush                                Full lip tint                                     3D Lips

Lip liner and blush is the most popular method. This technique outlines the lip shape (liner) & blends the colour (blushing).  A 3D technique can also be applied to the lips to create a fuller looking pout.  Great for those with thin lips!

With time, the sun drains colour and pigments from our lips and hence lip lines can fade. By using semi-permanent colour pigments we can recreate your original lip line and enhance the overall colour and shape. Colour matching the exact colour on lips for a natural look is very important.


Lip colour is perfect for people, who have improper lip lines, shape and for anyone who wants to enhance their lips without make-up. You should discuss your requirements with the consultant whether to go with lip line, blush or a full lip colour.


Lip line colour outlines the lip lines and then blushing merges with the lip colour while a full lip colour tints the lips with overall colour.


Before you have your lips treated, it is imperative to have an initial consultation with our professional Nuimage practitioner where we discuss shape, colour, aftercare and follow ups.