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Ladies - Scalp Tattooing brings back your confidence.

Recent studies show more than 70% of people interviewed said their hair was an important feature of their image, and hair loss would affect their self-esteem.

Maybe that's the reason why hair loss treatments has grown massively throughout the years.... Now more than ever, hair loss treatments are much more affordable. Some work but unfortunately, many do not...

One of these treatments is known as Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) or Scalp Tattooing, which is a process involving carefully placing hundreds of tiny dots of pigment into the skin in order to replicate the appearance of close cropped hair on a balding head, or density to thinning hair and is popular for hiding scars from hair transplants and burns.

Therefore, SMP gives the appearance that you still have hair despite the hair loss... it disguises that receding hairline for men and women so your self-confidence doesn’t suffer.

SMP is a non-invasive procedure, meaning no incisions are made and virtually no risks of infection.

Although not necessary, a topical a

naesthetic can be applied to the head to minimise any discomfort.

Aside from being safe, the procedure is fast. It commonly takes a couple of sessions, with visible results seen after the first appointment. The healing time is usually short, with many people back at work after a couple of days.

Scalp Micropigmentation does not require using real hair, so there is no need for special and expensive hair products. You will be given aftercare advice from your technician on how to look after your new procedure.

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