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Turn Back Time!!!

At NUimage!

Our aim is to make you look and feel fantastic using a combination of Micro-Pigmentation and the latest Anti-ageing and Skin Rejuvenation techniques.

You really don’t have to resort to cosmetic surgery to look years younger. There is an alternative…at NUimage we use a more holistic approach to Anti Ageing, for a fraction of the cost of surgery and without the risks.

We believe that you will look years younger almost instantly using Micro-Pigmentation (Permanent Make-up & Medical Scalp Tattooing) to enhance your best features...

...and Digital Skin Rejuvenation for deep lines, Wrinkles and Scarring and Meso-Therapy for Skin Rehydration, Plumping and Cellular renewal…

It really is possible to turn back the clock and stop it in its tracks… we can do all of these treatments at our clinic with very little down time and without the need for surgery

We also offer bespoke Anti Ageing packages and promise real results! (We offer an in-depth Anti-Ageing consultation for only £25 which is refundable on booking any treatment with us. It only takes 30-45 minutes).

Please make an appointment and see the difference we can make!

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