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Which eyebrows would suit me?

Super-shaped and blocked eyebrows have dominated most part of 2016/19, but this year, it’s all about natural arches and textures.

This look is all about embracing your natural shape and enhancing it. You can go for the unplucked,  messy look — or trim your brows into a neater, but natural shape.

For those of you who have sparce eyebrow hair or just don't like the shape of your natural brows...there is a solution! You can either pick up a pencil, gel and a brush and design your own brows, or you can get the look you want on a more permanent basis with semi-permanent makeup, creating natural looking hair strokes.

Not everyone is looking for 'on trend' eyebrows. Sometimes it is just a case of a symmetrical adjustment and other times it is creating a whole new set of brows for extreme hairloss. It also becomes a collaboration with the client and what they would like... whether it be bushy brows, thin brows, soft shaded brows, or purely hairstrokes; also do they want/have a strong arch, very little arch, trimmed hair, or messy hair?

Everyone has a different bone structure, personality, and style.

Taking all of this into consideration, I can give each customer a bespoke shape that's right for them. Don’t worry about trends and trying to fit into them. What’s the right brow for YOU?

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