Balm Micro Sun 10g

Sun Micro 75+
Balm with a high concentration of Panthenol (5%) and Sepitonic M3, specifically intended for the protection and care of healthy skin after micropigmentation.

Sun Micro 75+ not only moisturises and helps with the regeneration of your skin, it also helps to maintain the vibrancy of old and new colours, preventing them from oxidising and protecting them from the sun’s harmful rays.

75+ real protection Index.
With UVA + UVB filters:
UVB: UVB rays are responsible for erythema on the skin. Sun Micro 75+ has 6 UVB filters
UVA: UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis. They are responsible for the skin’s aging and melanoma. In Sun Micro 75+ we have 4 UVA filters. Dermatologically tested.

It is provided in a 10g tube.

Balm Micro Sun 10g