Permanent Makeup

Cosmetic Eyebrow Tattooing...

Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

This is ideal for people who have over plucked the hairs from their eyebrows, have gaps or scars and the hair has not grown back; for people suffering from Alopecia or people who want a more defined shape to their eyebrows.


We shape your eyebrows with a pencil first before we semi-permanently implant the colour of your choice. The colour is implemented to your desired shape.


There are four methods you can choose from:

1. Hair strokes for a more natural look;

2. Soft Fill (Powdered effect, Ombre) for a softer fuller look.

3. Combi (Hairstrokes & Soft Fill) for a denser 3d look.

4. Solid (Block) method for a more dramatic look;

Hair-stroke brows (also called feather stroke brows)

This is where lots of tiny strokes are placed in the brow shape to create the illusion of lots of little hairs.  The end result is a very natural one as the brows are not just one block of colour.  This style of brow is best for those clients who have little eyebrow hair or do not usually pencil their brows on and so are not used to a more heavily made up look.

Soft Fill Eyebrows (also called Powder/Ombre brows)

This is where a light wash of colour is placed in the eyebrow shape, creating a soft powder like effect. This technique is very subtle and natural and is good for customers who are used to lightly pencilling their eyebrows on but who still want a natural result.  This style of brow is likely to last a bit longer than the hair-strokes style, so if longevity of your brows is important then you might prefer to go for this style instead of the hair-stroke effect.

Combi brows

This is a combination of hair strokes and powdering together. It gives a denser 3 dimensional look to the brows. 

Block brows

This is the most defined style of eyebrow and is best for people who prefer to draw their brows on quite solidly.  This eyebrow style will give a much more dramatic look with defined edges.  This style of brow will last the longest because more colour pigment is placed into the skin.

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The Process

A topical anaesthetic cream is applied to the eyebrow area and allowed to work for 20-30 minutes. The eyebrows are then designed and drawn on with a pencil, using measurements to ensure the very best symmetrical look. The process is collaborative, with you the client making all the final decisions regarding shape, size, technique and colour (guided by my professional knowledge).

It is impossible to “design” your perfect eyebrows without using measuring tools. I believe that you should see what you are getting before you commit to this procedure. 

Once you are 100% happy with the penciled template version of the brows, I will begin the procedure. My initial strokes within the template are very superficial, I literally scratch the skin lightly, just enough to break the surface of the skin, this is not painful just slightly uncomfortable.

Once the skin is open, I then apply a secondary anaesthetic, to work deeper and totally turn off the feeling in the eyebrow. Although it takes more time and involves additional anaesthetics, I like to ensure my clients do not feel any pain, this procedure does not need to hurt, so if you have had your brow treatment elsewhere and had a painful experience, please come to me and ‘feel’ the difference. Many clients are so relaxed they nearly fall asleep!

The brow is completed using either a Hair Stroke technique,  Soft Powdered brow, a Full Block Colour or a Combination/3D technique… I have trained in all techniques and will show you pictures of the final results to help you make your decision.

I always take “Before and After” photographs of all my clients, as well as helping you to make decisions, they are also required for insurance purposes... and of course they are private and confidential. They will not be used for display purposes without your permission.